critical review

Can you do a critical review of the existing literature pertaining to the structure of the following health care systems: 1) Australia, 2) The United States of America and 3) France.
in the writing you should summaries the findings with an un-biased, justified, assessment as to which of the three health care systems you consider to be the most effective.
The both in text references and references list should be written correctly. There is no maximum number for references but it must not to be less than 6.
The sources should be easy to access; I must read the sources, could you please upload them with the paper.
i need to print them with the critcal review.

I am sure you do not need an explanation of how to write a critical review, but here some points
Literature review refers to a collection of materials on a specific topic and reports on the main ideas of a particular subject. As such, the review should not be a written summary of information or quotes from previous authors but rather an organization of the main ideas and themes. The literature review should be a critical review of the information available concerning the topic. It should also be unbiased, i.e. arguments both for and against your principles should be given equal merit. It is misleading to knowingly omit studies/literature that directly refute your preferred belief. The expectation of the literature review is not just presenting or summarizing other findings it is about demonstrating appropriate breadth of reading /review identifying key concepts and arguments for and against ideas building a case for the most effective health care system
Thank you.

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