Critical Discussion of “The Help”: A Pedagogical tool for learning Social Justice

‘The Help’ Is a motion feature picture about the labour of black domestic workers situated in the geopolitics of the 1960’s in the Deep South, USA. It chronicles both the societal restrictions on the type of labor and conditions of labor that were reserved for Black women of the day. Black female domesticity that freed up the leisure time of White Woman employers also held unintended consequences for the central role of Black women in relation to the child rearing practices of White children.

Provide suggestions for the uses of ‘The Help’ as a pedagogical tool for teaching and learning in the social and cultural contexts of education. Additionally, consider the importance of a critique of the social and political contexts of inqequity in history and the implications for today’s realities. What do the life experiences depicted in the film convey regarding notions of citizenship and rights – whether they be gendered, racialized and classed? Provide a critical piece of writing in which you analyze “The Help’

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