Critical Analysis of the chosen web

Principles of Interactive Multimedia Assignment 2 (20%) – Individual work: Critical analysis and PowerPoint Presentation Due: End of class – Week 9 All students MUST submit an assignment on the due date, whether it is completed or not. Objectives 1. To improve and evaluate written communication skills in multimedia. 2. To improve and evaluate analytical skills in multimedia and the ability to write a critical analysis, and produce an on-screen presentation. Task Examine and critically analyse the content and design of an existing web site (you MUST have the web site approved by the lecturer). Use ONLY your lecture notes and the following reference and any related links within this site. Lynch, P. & Horton, S. 2011, ?Web Style Guide, 3rd edition?, Research of this site will give you an understanding of guidelines for good web site design. Don?t forget to include a full list of references – the final destination, section and download date in your references. Requirements Using these guidelines, you are to research and find a relevant guideline relating to each section (see 2. The body of the report) and then critically analyse the web site you have chosen in relation to this guideline. You must prepare a report (of between 1,000 and 1,500 words not including references) using Microsoft Word. You will also submit a PowerPoint presentation (on disk) with a set of speaker?s notes. Content of the analysis produced in Word is the SAME as the speaker notes copied into the notes area under each relevant slide in PowerPoint. Specific Requirements and Weighting Critical Analysis of the chosen web site (14%) Include 1. Introduction This section should include discussion on the genre, purpose and goal of your selected web sites and the relevance of the URL (Uniform Resource Locator). 2. The body of the report This section should contain a statement or quote of a related guideline for each of the following sections, then a detailed critical analysis of your chosen site in relation to the guideline. You should demonstrate a good understanding of the guidelines (relate to the theory and discuss WHY elements work well or not. Include these sections a. Navigation & Shortcuts b. Where am I? c. Page headers & Page footers d. Typesetting e. Graphics & Colour 2 3. Conclusion / Summary 4. References Your report will include full references at the end of the report, and any quotes used must be cited within the report. All references in the Harvard style of referencing, and don?t forget to include the retrieved date. Your assignment will be marked with consideration to the standard of written English and any careless errors in expression, spelling and grammar

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