Creative Writing “Toys” by Roland Barthes

“Toys” by Roland Barthes.Take an idea from the original chosen essay you read and analyze it in light of these questions: What are the larger implications of this idea? How do other essays you have read in the course, or in other courses, change the way you think about the idea? How does your own experience influence your thinking? Is there a painting or a sculpture that helps you better understand the idea? A play? A film? Be an active participant and observer in your everyday life; notice what the world is trying to tell you. Bring your own expertise on to the page. Finally, what do you actually think about this borrowed idea? That’s what we want to learn from your essay. We want you to deepen our understanding of the idea as you pass it through the crevices of your mind. To do that well you will have to play out your idea against the backdrop of the selected essay that set this whole process in motion. That essay provides the foundation for your ruminations, so your reader must understand that essay. But the deepening will come through your own thinking, aided by the connections you make between the borrowed idea, the secondary text and your own unique experiences in the world.

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