Creating Your Own Form of Democracy

Most people around the world would agree that democracy is the only legitimate and feasible form of government. But what exactly does democracy mean? Though the etymology of the word is clear (demos means people and cracy (kratia) means rule; hence democracy means rule by the people), the institutional and theoretical implications of the concept are difficult to articulate. By now you should have a better understanding of the ideas, possibilities, and limitations of democratic governance, and be able to articulate and defend or condemn a precise conceptual and institutional understanding of democracy. Your assignment is to write a 3-5 page (double spaced, 12pt font, 1 inch margins) paper building a democratic society using the theories which you have been exposed to in class. What kinds of features will your democracy have and why?In building your democracy you must explicitly lay (showing your understanding of the material) out the democratic theory or critique of democracy as presented by at least three of the following theorists:PlatoAristotleJean Jacques RousseauCarole PatemanAgain, you are to provide an argumentative reading of the three pieces assigned and discussed in the course so far this semester.Please make sure you discuss the positive and negative elements of your society and what their consequences may be. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THIS PAPER? PRICE?..

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