counterfeit goods

Hi..You did my last paper about the counterfeit did the introduction and lit review…I want to thank you it was really good, but the thing is our group decide to change the whole topic to this :…US consumer inability to distinguish counterfeit from genuine goods, increase counterfeit crime….So we are porposing to select random assignment into 2 groups both of them will pre test about counterfeiting product then one of the group going to watch a video from CNMBC about counterfeit products and then again both of the groups gonna protest and we want to see if the group that whatch the movie gonna increase the ability to distinguish fake from genuine…..I just give this information so you understand what we are doing….now I want from you to go and find some articles that talking about different enforcement level in differenet states also some articles abou ability or difficalty of knowin counterfeit from genuine…also if there is some article about training of distinguish between fake and genuine I want these for my lit review so I can add to those that you wrote before…ALSO I am going to upload the paper that you did before for me I want you to go over each paragraph and try to summerise the whole paragraph in the first sentece I gave you for all of the paragraphs examples..for ex. you talked about the relationship of consumers and counterfeit please mention it at the first sentence cuz our prof just focuse more on the first sentence of each paragraph…also at the end of the introduction you have to change the whole paragraph now because we changed the whole study…also for introduction you can add some sentences that why we are doing counterfeit because of lack of enforcement…also PLEASE check the APA format for citing because our prof said some of them are wrong……Thank you again and also I want this paper till saturday morning…

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