Counselling Practice


Part A: How you give dignified, constructive, and effective feedback as counsellors in training?

Part B: Why do you think ethical practices are non- negotiable for counsellors?

Part C: What is your position on the client s right to give informed consent?


1. Each part must be a well-constructed paragraph of at least 150 words.

2. Kindly write each part in the format for a discussion in a forum with validated opinions by supporting your statement with concepts from the readings below (references) or by bringing in a related example or experience.


Ivey, A., Ivey, M., Zalaquett, C., & Quirk, K. (). Essentials of Intentional Interviewing: Counseling in a Multicultural World, (2nd ed.).

Corey, Corey, & Callanan (2011). Issues and Ethics in the Helping Profession (8th ed.). Chapter 6, Confidentiality: Ethical and Legal Issues
Chapter 7, Managing Boundaries and Multiple Relationships .

Erchul, W., & Martens, B. (2010). School Consultation. Conceptual and Empirical Bases of Practice (3rd ed.). Chapter 1,
Introduction to Consultation
Chapter 2, Problem Solving and Response to Intervention .

Egan, G. (2010). The Skilled Helper Model
Chapters 1 – 8

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