Correspondence to eEducation Custom Essay

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I need 2 different paragraphs 250 words each (Approximately) For Online Discussion 3B Paper : Correspondence to eEducation: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives. Module Topic 3b:Is customisation of learning through eEducation really possible? For the final forum I would like you all to consider if and how the move towards eLearning can (or should) contribute to, and sustain, a ‘customised’ learning model, and if so, what the implications from this would be for ‘schooling’ as we presently know it. The forum takes a look at the present (semi-Fordist) organisation of the school as a learning ‘factory’, asks whether this is a fair interpretation, and explores possible implications of any move away from this to a more individualised model, through using digital technologies. The questions I would like you to consider are: 1. Is the argument promoted in Reinventing Schools ( A new model for education reading) still a fair and valid interpretation of our education system? Why/why not? 2. If digital technologies do in fact signal the beginning (and a means) of change towards a more individualised model of learning, what might this ‘look like’? That is, how could this actually ‘play out’ in practise (if indeed it could) and what implications might this have for society, given school is an important tool for social organisation? Is such a move necessarily desirable anyway? 3. How might such a move impact the role of the teacher as we currently know it? This Futurelab paper (Transforming schools for future document) could be useful in developing some responses to these questions. Also, for some of you looking for some extra reading, you might want to have a look at Larreamendy-Joerns & Leinhordt’s (2006) ( Going the distance document) arguments around the development of Distance Education. They adopt a ‘three lens’ approach in evaluating DE as a means of democratisation and liberalisation of education, and as a way of enhancing educational quality and opportunities.

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