You are required to conduct a strategic analysis of an international company of your choice. You should choose a company in which you have worked; have some knowledge, or one that has a high media profile. If you are in doubt about your choice of company, consult your tutor.
You should use as the focus for your analysis a topic taken from the lecture programme and apply this to your chosen organisation to look at the particular aspects of the strategy within that organisation. However, this should be set in the context of the broader environment in which the organisation operates.
It is important that you relate relevant theoretical frameworks to the empirical information (data) you have gathered in order to analyse, and not merely describe the organisation s strategy. You should aim to evaluate the viability of the firm s current strategy and make any recommendations for changes to the strategy that you consider to be appropriate.

This analytical report should be no more than 3,000 words in length, should demonstrate your ability to identify and employ relevant academic concepts, theories and models, and should be fully referenced using the Harvard referencing system (refer to examples in handbook).

Please attend the assignment preparation tutorials (see schedule below) where you will be provided with further information about the required content and scope of the work.

In the event of a late submission, university regulations will apply.

Submission date: Week commencing 16th January

Course: BA (Hons) Business, BA Combined Honors; BA (Hons) Business Studies
Year: Final
Subject: Corporate & Global Strategy Assignment: Strategic Analysis
Tutor: Mark:
1st:(as 2.i +) creative, innovative, intellectual depth, extraordinary quality of work 2.i:competent, complete, insight & observation, analytical and critical, total clarity 2.ii:adequate, good coverage, some sound analysis, allowable flaws 3rd:just sufficient, some theory, some observation, flawed but not failing Fail:Simply incomplete OR totally uncritical OR no analysis OR inadequate material
THE INTRODUCTION sets the scene; and it indicates the areas to be covered, and in what order.
1st 2.i 2.ii 3rd Fail

THE LITERATURE/SOURCES/ surveyed is adequate in amount and quality, & is relevant to the selected topic.
1st 2.i 2.ii 3rd Fail

The DEPTH OF ANALYSIS is sufficient, with a critical approach; underlying concepts are investigated. No unsupported statements: there is evidence for substantial arguments.
1st 2.i 2.ii 3rd Fail
THE APPLICATION OF RELEVANT MODELS has an appropriate focus in the analysis of the specific company.
1st 2.i 2.ii 3rd Fail

THE CONCLUSIONS, drawn from the analysis are realistic and intelligent
1st 2.i 2.ii 3rd Fail
As an ACADEMIC REPORT, the language is appropriate, the structure is clear and manifest, & correct forms of academic referencing are used.
1st 2.i 2.ii 3rd Fail

Other comments:

Possible Topics: (Choose only one)

Resource Based View (RBV)
Knowledge Bases View (KBV)
Strategy Formation
Strategic Thinking

(Strategic Change is not available as an assignment topic)

Assignment – Strategic Analysis of an International Company through a chosen lens

Report Format:

Executive Summary
Contents page (with page numbers)
Introduction to the report – it s shape and progress
Introduction to the company:
Corporate Strategy “ Parent (where there is one)
Business unit “ The part of the company that you are analysing
External Analysis “ through the lens addressed in the first assignment
Internal Analysis “ through the lens
Evaluation of the strategy “ through the lens “ how does the company compete
Conclusions and recommendations


Keep introductory sections brief

Keep Corporate Level Strategy analysis brief “ make sure you analyse this through the chosen lens i.e. Leadership, thinking, formation etc

Business Level Strategy analysis will be the main body of the report “ again though, make sure you look at the strategy through your chosen lens

You must consider the external and internal environment throughout the analysis.

Identify the success of the strategy through considering the share price, market share, profitability.

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