Copyright protection

Essay criteria :
Consider whether copyright protection should extend to the protection of other intangible valuable works (such as perfumes) or whether other intellectual property laws (such as trade mark law) already offer sufficient protection. Your answer should include a critical discussion of relevant cases and academic views.?
1- 3500 words
2- Try to deal with all perfume components such as Label, smell and bottle
3- Introduction
4- conclusion
5- Use OSCOLA (oxford system for the footnote and bibliography
6- I need to divide the bibliography for table of Books, table of cases, Articles ,,,,,,,,
7- Please avoid plagiarism because I have to submit this Essay into TERNITIN
8- I need at least 14 reference
9- Deal with this question globally
10- I will attached you an important case and article regarding to the perfume.
11- I need that work during 2 weeks

Thank you very much

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