CopyRight Problems

This subject is for Intellectual propriety law.
It has to be written based on UK law legislation.
Which Means it has to be written in UK way, as well as using UK references.
I will be uploading three attachement.
1- The learning pack where you need to base your answer from i.e when u take something from it for example s3(1) which is for section three subsection 1, using this way to support your argument as above s3(1)….etc SO the answer has to be done and supported by sections and subsection, as well as references
again the above s3(1) is just an example… =)

2- The question brief where it indicate the problem.

3- The *gift from the teacher* which it describe what you need to answer on 5 stages which you need to look at. again this is a gift from teacher for student to do well on this assignment, so use it as a key to answer the question which is in question brief.
also the teacher wrote tips and info in it.

Last Assigment you did to me I got C3 and now Lets hope for A-B and I am quite sure you can do it. the reason behind that grade as the teacher commented the lack of section indication, where you gotta say s3(1).. or other section

and by the way the gift from the teacher says which section you need to look at. which should make things a lot easier.

Hopefully I can contact you via massages and see what need to be fixed as the last time.

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