Cool&Cool company

Dear writer,

I chose Cool&Cool as my company.

I will upload the survey we have made ( you can change/modify it for improvements )

IN addition basically what we have to do a cross tabulation on Microsoft
excel and explain the mean/median/mode values as to what respondents
answered . i will attach an “*example values*” from the surveys and an ”
*example evaluation of the values*” , the example sheet was given out to
explain how its supposed to be done .

there values should be taken from 125 surveys . then used on the excel .

As i know you cannot take 125 surveys as it will take a long time , i
suggest you to go through the survey we made or recreate it and finish it to your best understanding, then you will manually select/enter/tick the options/answers in the surveys. *we need to hand in the surveys in hard copy , so we will wait for your values.

*( when i say Values : i mean the number of specific answeres/options the respondent chose … e.g: 30 surveys out of 125 selected option/answer 4 on question number 8 ) *

*As to what i recall almost every question should be explained. *

Thank you

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