convert Chapter into Writing Center handout

Document Three description: a handout

Purpose: To explain—to convert Chapter 40 from our “Norton” text (Reading Strategies: pages 352-366) into a Writing Center handout, one that offers readers clear directions and advice about adopting effective reading tactics. In short, you must pick and choose the most effective strategies in order to turn a 14-page chapter into a clear, helpful 2-page handout.

Be sure to illustrate your chosen strategies with personal (no “I,” though), hypothetical, and/or researched examples. (Note: While you need to use at least three sources, one will be the “Norton” text—MLA format again. Besides quotations/facts, you should get more “reading strategies” ideas/examples from your other sources.) Remember to spread your sources out; don’t “clump” them. Also, keep in mind that your research could involve the importance of reading for college success.

Extra Doc Three Requirement: Your handout should display the same content elements as your Doc 2 did (i.e., intro, 3 or 4 body pghs, conclusion, a list in one body pgh, a table in another, ICE’d quotations in each body pgh), but you must add another skill, two headings: perhaps one for each two body paragraphs (short enough to be scanned, long enough to be clear). Your headings should point clearly to your purpose statement/topic; your topic sentences should refer directly to their headings. Check #4, CC. Also, be sure that you paraphrase correctly: you can use Bullock and Weinberg’s common terms, but avoid the authors’ personalized words, common phrases, and same syntax (sentence structure). Do not use B + W’s headings; make up your own.

Warning: Your paper’s content skills grade will not show “A” potential unless your body paragraphs display illustrations—examples that support your advice. As with quotations, I suggest that you offer two (at least) examples per body paragraph. The need to illustrate, as well as the addition of headings, makes this assignment a little harder than Doc 2.

General Requirements for all Four Documents
Note: All documents must be submitted through Assignments in attached “doc” files. Use Times New Roman 12 point, one-inch margins, single-spaced lines, and either a standard (indenting) or a block-style format. Also, put a line space between all paragraphs, as well as both before and after a list. Most importantly, understand these general content requirements for all four main documents:
? Approximately two full pages of single-spaced content (up to three pages is fine).
? A clear, direct, fairly short introductory paragraph that begins with your purpose—your reason for writing. (I would also preview your paper’s contents in your intro’s final sentence or two.)
? Three or four body paragraphs, each with a clear topic sentence and supporting organization.
? One list (bullets/numbers) incorporated into one body paragraph—i.e., no more than one list per paper (not counting references, a separate list after your paper).
? Two researched quotations in each body paragraph (maybe three or four if they’re short). You can paraphrase research, too (cite it, though).
? A brief conclusion that connects with your audience.
? A list of references (at least three sources) after your conclusion: MLA format for Docs One, Two, and Three; APA format for Doc Four. These reference lists do not count toward a document’s length.

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