Contrasting Texts. Hughes’ Let america be america again and Bambara’s The Lesson

5-6 pager comparing and contrasting 2 texts. Hughes” let america be america again” and Bambara ” The Lesson”.Y will need to narrow the theme in orther to create ur thesis which should express an important commonally among the two texts in the relation to some aspect of the them of justice.Topic sentences for each paragraphs.
Include minimum of at least 2 quotes from each the texts, and developed analysis of each.
Must research a minimum of 5 sources not including sources of general information such as encyclopedias and dictionaries. dont use wikepedia.
at least use 2 of the sources must provide historical context for the 2 texts, dont let ur discussion of history overwhelm ur own analysis. others 3 sources must be based on literary criticism published by scholars that you incorporate and synthesize into ur argument.
PS: you need 9 quotes minimum, 5 from secondary sources and four from the 2 texts

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