contract law

1- I don t want any introduction or conclusion or references
2- I put 2000 words as a maximum so if u feel 2 answer those questions is less than 2000 words please do>
3- Put the answer underneath each questions please I don t want all of it as aparagraph
4- I want u to use the contract law boos to solve these questions
5- This is the exam test questions
So here is the questions:
1- What is an offer?
2- Give an example of this case law?
3- How does an offer compare with an invitation to treat and give examples?
4- What is acounter offer please give examples and case law?
5- What is an acceptance?
6- What are the rules of the acceptance?
7- What does the postal rule refer to?
8- What happens if letter get lost in the post with putting the case and explaining what happened in the story?
9- What happens if an email get lost and the case for it?
10- I will send picture showing astory so according to solve that story give definition and cases and explain the rules for it.
11- Email communicated : give rules of it and some case law?
12- Principle of the course : 1- entrores v miles 2- the brimnes 3- brinkibon v stahag stahl. In this 3 cases I want abreif about what happened?
13- What is the postal rule?
14- Different between unilateral offer and bilateral offer with putting the case for it?

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