Context Analysis and Pedagogical Issues

Please be informed that the unit for this paper is Issues in Learning with ICT. This unit explores how ICT can be used effectively in the learning process. Issues that arise when ICT is used in learning are examined. Students are required to analyse ICT use in the workplace relevant to their profession and to justify their use of ICT in the light of recent research.

Type and Purpose:
The assignment is designed for you to reflect on your educational organisation and the learning that is expected. Your understanding of your current situation and why you want to bring about change should be explicit. The issue of managing change is to be researched and initial ideas of how web-based elearning may be introduced to your organisation to improve learning, is a major focus.

1. Forum postings – 450 words (please complete this part and send it in a separate document)
Note: I ll attach an introduction and model answers to this part that may help you.

2. Written assignment “ 2,350 words ( I ll attach recommended readings which might help you writing this essay).

Assessment Details
1 Forum Postings (450 words total)

Topics to be answered:
o Introduce yourself (100 words)
o Your Context, ie your workplace (100 words)
o Your elearning issue/s (250 words)

2 Written assignment (2350 words total)
In your educational organisation:
2.1 Outline the main aims and objectives.
2.2 Summarise the issues that exist with respect to learning in your workplace.
2.3 Choose one aspect within your organisation where a web-enhanced elearning environment could be used to bring about change. Include a discussion on change in general and why it is required and how it can be managed as supported by the literature.
2.4 Describe the nature of the change you would like to bring about and justify why the change is needed.
At all times your discussion should be supported by appropriate research and personal experience.

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