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Designer and author Donald Norman explains that there are three levels where interplays between emotion and cognition (thinking) occur; the visceral, the behavioural and the reflective. He argues that in order to design for emotional resonance, designers must understand that we grow to love the objects “that connect us to other people, create meaning and remind us we’re alive” (2009). Similarly Mugge, Schoormans and Schifferstein argue that there are four ways in which people become attached to objects, through pleasure (visceral), memories (reflective), self- expression and group affiliation (behavioural). Select your own three examples of contemporary emotional design. Create an argument about why they should be understood as ‘emotional design’, explaining how each example uses at least one of the stated categories (Norman and Mugge et al).

Set reading & viewing (compulsory)
Hustwit, G. (Writer & director) (2009) Objectified. New York, USA: Swiss Dots.
Mugge, R., Schoormans, J. & Schifferstein, H. (2007) Product Attachment: Design Strategies to Stimuate the Emotional Bonding to Products, in H. Schifferstein & P.Hekkert, Product Experience, Burlington, Mass, USA: Elsevier.
Norman, D 2002, ‘Emotion and Design: Attractive Things Work Better’, Interactions, 4, pp. 36-42.
Norman, D 2009, ‘Selective Memories’,
Sudjic, D. (2008) The Language of Things. London, UK: Allen Lane.

Undertake extra independent research about the issue including journal articles, books and websites. Find relevant examples of your own of design/media to illustrate your argument. Incorporate either visual analysis or an analysis of the chosen technology/ materials/ building/ manufacturing /production process of the examples in your own words. Then write an argumentative article combining your ideas about the issue, the set reading, your research and your own analysis.

The article must be 1,500 words in length and all quotes must be acknowledged with double inverted commas, unless they are 3 or more lines, in which case they must be indented. Reference to the source of quotes should be in brackets according to the APA 6th Edition (as used in the questions below). Any significant research (statistics, a unique or new point of view) that you incorporate must also be acknowledged with the source in a bracket. Illustrations should be included and must have a caption sentence and the source in brackets. A reference list (bibliography) in alphabetical author surname order for books and articles and first letter of web address after ‘www.’ must be attached at the end of the assignment.

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