Consumer Research

Using a portfolio approach you are required to submit your work in two sections; the first section requires you to conduct extensive reading in order to develop a knowledge-base relevant to CSR . The second part of the portfolio requires you conduct primary investigation and discus specific CSR activities based on your original results.

The notion that organisations have a moral obligation to be socially responsible has been a subject of numerous investigations. The nature of the subject is such that it warrants an in depth coverage of its significance in today’s marketing environment. This assignment is aimed at developing key consumer research skills highlighted in the module descriptor in the context of the CSR. Evidence indicates that organisations consider CSR activities to be increasingly relevant to their performance and the perception of their consumers. CSR is therefore a part of strategic and operational plans for numerous organisations.

You are to investigate the CSR behaviour/activities of the four key supermarkets in the UK (Asda, Sainsbury, Tesco and Morrison). You will be required to conduct secondary and primary investigation to collect information on various aspects of their CSR behaviour and the perception consumers hold regarding the supermarkets

Prepare a discussion paper by including the following tasks highlighted in sections 1 and 2.

Section 1 Based on Secondary Research (word limit 2000).

1) Research and critique the available CSR literature by consulting Academic and Practitioner sources. You are to make specific reference to the activities undertaken by the four supermarkets.

Section 2 Based on Primary Research: (You will using questionnaire
which the class will design. Word limit 2500).

2) Analyse the data/information generated using a computer-based package. Your analysis should include a discussion on the following:

a) Compare and contrast key CSR activities undertaken by the supermarkets.

b) Examine the perceptions of consumers specific to CSR practices related to each supermarket.

c) Provide recommendations to supermarkets with a view to implement an effective and structured CSR programme.

SPSS required. I will send you a file.

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