Consumer research subject: Why do I feel confident while I am using Louis Vuitton ‘s products? 

My individual assignment topic is : Why do I feel confident while I am using Louis Vuitton ‘s products?

Here is advice from my professor : Please follow his advise

I think this is an excellent topic. please start to write! to prompt your writing lay in front of you your LV products, think of where they came from how you bought them. look at adverts on web cut out of magazines. draw the logo from heart several times.

then as you finish writing ask what is happening here – what is value expressive function of LV – how does product self congruence work? what does this brand do for my looking glass self? how does LV work differently for me at home and at Uni?
this could be a strong introspection cum photo essay

I will attached few examples of introspection essay for you(vitamin water is a good example another you can use some theories from it). And the theory inside those few essays is also have many theories which is good to adapt into essay

What I would like to have in my essay:

The experience of using Louis Vuitton
How you feel (for me) I feel confident every time I use it because it is a High quality hand bag ,many my friends (popular among Asian friend )or college use LV s handbags (can u talk like story here ?) have a look in vitamin water file

also please talk about
Advertising and Celebrity Endorsements

-Other Interactive Marketing Strategies
e.g Louis Shop ,, please talk about Louis shop in London,Uk

link it with theory theories such as : – such as Self – perception theory, Social judgement theory, Persuading consumers to change attitudes, Consumer attitude toward Luxury product. etc (any suitable theories that can be link into this essay) also theme of sustainability research (please see the attachment)

– Please use academic writing but also easy for me to understand too.

– please put photos into the essay but make sure that they’re all relate to the topic.

-Also in the essay you can mention about your own experience or friends’ experience that have toward the product. (My teacher’s like the student to tell the story in the essay so feel free to put any fun story in it but make sure it relate to my topic).

– Make sure you do the reference in the Harvard Style.

– Can you follow on what my tutor had mention above and see attachment for more details.


Solomon, M., Bamossy, G., Askegaard, S., Hogg, M. (2010) Consumer Behaviour: A European Perspective. Prentice Hall Europe, 4th Edition.

An essay or other contribution on consumer experience in contemporary context, which may include reflection, analysis, critical evaluation and discussion (not more than 2000 words), contributing 50% of the final mark will be submitted.

This research forms an important part of your skill portfolio, and represents an independent effort on a timely marketing or research topic. Inspiration for the piece of research might spring from everyday consumption phenomena or a concept considered in the class. You may also work on an idea or field of research surfaced during your formative assignments of group work “ including a theme such as sustainability – to ignite your research. The learning that will be assessed will be as much your ability to use a research method as to making an original contribution to knowledge in the field. Your written contribution therefore could be as much a reflection on method as a summary of findings. The word count is really tight; an d you are encouraged to go for depth of inquiry to build a rich picture rather than to try to cover a wide field.

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