Consumer Research: Individual assignment

Please see the attachment for the requirement.

*** The topic that I choose for this individual assignment is:
“The reasons I choose to buy Iphone rather than other brands such as Blackberry.”

(For my own thinking, i like iphone better because of the apps and graphics. it easy to use by using finger on the touching screen and it seem to be more popular among friends so i can use whatapps to chat with them. I also use blackberry phone but i found it to dull and boring and more suitable with those business people)

This is the email that I send to ask my tutor about the topic that I would like to do and below that is my tutor comment.

I have choose to do individual assignment based on the topic: “The reasons I choose to buy Iphone rather than other brands such as Blackberry.”

Is it alright if I write my opinion and my friends” experience in the essay? also will it be alright if I do the survey too, I want to see how”s student in exeter feel about Iphone not only my point of view. Or do I have to focus on my experience only?
Do you think it is possible for me to do this topic and also are there any suggestion for me to add on this topic?

i think this topic is perfect and of course you may include the views and experiences of other groups. it would be most interesting to hear what they have to say and include in your essay. it is an interesting question to which their is no known answer so go for it!!

this may help and it could be a fun read …. see attached (** Which I will attach the file to you**). do let me know what you think of this story – does it make sense to you and does it help you at all understand the relationship between phone owners and their machines and why they become attached to a brand? it is based on your stories and will be used in class this week!! do tell me what you think as an early reader quite quickly


– Can you follow on what my tutor had mention above and see attachment for more details.

– Please included the theories such as Self – perception theory, Social judgement theory, Persuading consumers to change attitudes, Consumer attitude toward Luxury product. etc (any suitable theories that can be link into this essay)

– Please use academic writing but also easy for me to understand too.

– You may put graphs or photos into the essay but make sure that they”re all relate to the topic.

– Also in the essay you can mention about the Apple shops how it attract you/ their advertising and maybe your own experience or friends” experience that have toward the product. (My teacher”s like the student to tell the story in the essay so feel free to put any fun story in it but make sure it relate to my topic).

– Make sure you do the reference in the Harvard Style.

Thank you

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