consumer behaviour Case Study

Welcome to the globalized world. For your Assessment 2, consumer behaviour practices in the entertainment industry will be tested. There are two steps for Assessment 2.
Step 1:Select one of the three movies as a case study for your assessment.
• Chinese: The Magician (
• English: The Hunger Games (
• Indian: Housefull 2 (

Once you have selected your movie, proceed to Step 2 and answer the following questions:
Step 2: Answer the following:
Question 1)
Study the stimulus factors used to create attention in the pre release advertisements (Print/TV/Internet) of the selected movie.
o Evaluate the effectiveness of the stimulus factors used.
o Identify the principles of perceptual organization that are integrated into these ads.

Question 2)
Assume you are a media planner of the selected movie and want to market your movie in Darwin. Identify three recent cultural changes that affect your selection of media in which you would place the movie’s advertisement.
Question 3)
Assume you are the promotions manager working for the selected movie. Devise 1 advertisement based on the content of the movie for the Australian audience in Darwin. Compare your advertisement with existing ads for the movie. Justify why your advertisement has more merit using the theories of consumer behaviour.
Note: You can create a photographic, textual or audio advertisement.

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