Confidentiality in Allied Health Custom Essay

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Typed submission , doubled -spaced, in a standard print font, size 12. Using a standard documrent format with 1 -inch margins. Include the following information at the top of your paper a. name and complete mailing address – b. student number-21087573 c. course title [Confidentiality in Allied Health] d. graded project number- 023028 3. Read the assignment carefully and answer each question. Use proper citation in either APA or MLA style. 4. Be specific . Limit your submission to the questions asked and issues mentioned. 5. Include a reference page in either APA or MLA STYLE. on this page .list Web sites, journals, and all other references used in preparing the submission. 6. Profread your work carefully. Check for correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, and capitalization. Answer each question in a complete paragraph that includes an introductory sentence, at least four sentences of explanation, and aconcluding sentence. provides clear organization These are the questions that are needed to be ansered . 1. Should corrections be date and time stamped? 2. When should a patient be advised of the existence of computerized databases containing medical information about the patient? 3.When should the patient be notified of the purging of archaic or inaccurate information? 4. When should the comuterized medical database be online to the computer terminal? 5. When the computer service bureau destroys or erases records, should the erasure be verified by the bureau to the physicisn? 6. Should individuals and organizations with access to the database be identified to the patient? 7. Does the AMA ethics opinion mention encrtption as a technique for security? 8. In regard to electronic medical records EMRs, what is the policy for disclosing authorized data requested by third parties? Please include one reference page two pages one to answer these 8 questions 4 sentences each

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