ConEx Construction and Development Company

EBMG N267 E-Business Strategy
Course Project
In this course project the student will meet the learning objectives:
1. Analyze how the business environment is considered in strategy formulation.
2. Understand the process of strategic planning.
3. Evaluate approaches to strategy evaluation and selection.
4. Analyze how strategy implementation is realized.

ConEx Construction and Development Company
Company History:
Con Ex Construction and Development Company was started in Al Ain, UAE in 1980. The company started as a small construction organization that build small villas for the local residents. This company grew with the city up to the current period. The company utilized an incremental growth policy through the first 31 years of the organizations existence. The company has grown to 300 employees and completed ten major projects last year. The company now builds apartment housing, large villas, and commercial property that includes office, retail, and warehouse structures. The CEO and the board of directors now want the company to expand into the metro areas of Abu Dhabi and Dubai to compete with the top five construction companies. The CEO has set the tone by developing a new vision “ConEx will become one of the top five construction companies in UAE.”
The CEO has directed you to analyze the company’s old strategy and create a new strategy that will move the company towards the vision statement that he has given for to company. This project will require you to write a document in APA format that includes the following:
An executive summary
A SWOT analysis (including a SWOT matrix)
Porter’s five forces analysis
A stakeholder analysis
Previous strategy analysis (strategy type, positioning, etc…)
Present new strategy with implementation steps (include new mission statement and goals)
The paper will be at a minimum of 750 words with a title page, reference page, and citations. Academic Honesty: breaches of academic honesty will be treated with the utmost seriousness. You are reminded the penalty for cheating or plagiarism is dismissal from HCT.

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