Concert Response Essay

This is an essay assignment designed to develop your critical reaction to art music in live performance another concert, refine your writing skills further with a short descriptive essay that addresses one particular idea you are thinking about—your thesis. Choose a concert you think might be especially interesting and take a date, friend, or another Music 10 student, and talk about your ideas before and after the concert. Develop a central idea in an essay of approximately two or three double-spaced typescript pages.

I just uploaded 2 files; one is the note that i took during the concert; the other is about the artists and songs that they played. Please take a look of both and write about how you feel about the concert. There are songs in the note, you can try to listen a bit in order to develop your feeling for the essay. Also , my profesor wants to have a separate , clear thesis statement. I will post the form later too. You can message me if you have any question. i am looking forward to receiving a good essay. Thanks you for your help !!

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