comunity fire safety

Learning Outcomes:
1. Describe and evaluate the risk management process

2. Critically evaluate the role of legislation, not only as a punishment but also as a preventative measure.
3-Use page 13 and 14 in national frame work for the assignment.

Read and Consider London s Safety Plan, which incorporates the Integrated Risk Management Plan (IRMP) 2010-2013. Discuss how the plan conforms and does not conform to the Government s guidelines for such plans. Consider The Future Action plans (outlined in the document) in terms of the risk analysis carried out within the plan.
(word count to be approximately 1500).
A written report to be word processed, a format should be adopted, which will include a title sheet, contents page and references. The report must not exceed 1,500 words
Marking Scheme:
This assessment carries 30% of the weighting for this module. You must pass this element with 40% or above. Marks for the report will be allocated in the following manner.
Relevance 20%
Knowledge 20%
Analysis 15%
Argument and structure 20%
Originality 15%
Presentation 10%

References should be from national frame work and London safety plan

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