Computer Assisted Audit Techniques

Computer Assisted Audit Techniques (CAATs) such as IDEA, have been a part of the auditor Tool Kit for number of year. The use on the Information Technology in auditing and accounting is undoubtedly an important means of gathering evidence and analysing data.

Critically discuss the value of software package such as IDEA in the accumulation and analysis of data for the auditor and accountant. Illustrate your discussion with specific examples in respect of the practical application of these named software package. ( Describe , Is it useful , Overviews , Specific examples / Test data analysis) —-> E.g. Screen shot of any analyses, Reports, Extraction analytical Review, Gap detections (Duplicates) , Summalisation , Stratification , Sort + Field statistics.

Please use times new roman 12 point fount and 1.5 line spacing Include a full list of all references used. Harvard referencing system. Your appendices should include copies of the Illustration used to explain the value of the software package

Word limit:
3000 word report with supporting appendices (word count relates to the report and does not include those within the appendices)

I have attached a folder that was used in class which my teacher wants us to use and explain the following what went wrong, are there any Duplicates, I have written down what the teacher wants in the required part. The software was used in class is called (IDEA)

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