compare the corporate social and environmental accounting reports of two companies

Research assignment topic:
You are required to write a research assignment in the corporate social and environmental accounting reporting (CSR) research area, using a theoretical framework, using any of the theories discussed in chapter 8, 4 or 7 of the text book (more than one theory may be applied). Your answer must be based on a theoretical perspective. An atheoretical response will be given 0 marks for this part of the research project. In this research assignment you are required to compare the corporate social and environmental accounting reports of two companies, one in Australia and the other one in a different country in the same industry. The report of the company from the other country has to be in English. The two companies chosen should be different from the companies chosen by other groups in your unit. You need to email the unit convenor or let her know in the tutorials and get approval as to whether you can do the research on the companies you have chosen. No two groups companies/countries can be exactly the same as another group. Therefore, you need approval from the unit coordinator as to the companies and/or the countries you are choosing for your research essay.
The assignment is to be attempted by groups of 2-3 students. One of the aims of this piece of assessment is to put students in a situation which gives them the opportunity to develop their cross-cultural communication skills. Therefore, students are to form multicultural groups to do the assignment. Each student is required to submit a reflective report worth 10% of the marks for the assignment. The report will focus on your cross-cultural communication experiences within the group.
Students who do not form groups will be penalized 15% of the marks for the assignment, as they have not had to demonstrate team work skills. Groups of more than 3 students will be awarded zero marks for the assignment.
You need to do the following:
1. Write an introduction (10 marks);
2. Write up your literature review, reviewing the latest research in the CSR research area. You need to consider at least 10 of the latest journal articles (10 marks);
3. Write the theoretical background you want to base your research essay on and justify how that theory relates to your research essay (20 marks);
4. Write a brief history/background of the CSR systems in the two countries under comparison (10 marks);
5. Describe the types of methods available for research investigations “ qualitative and quantitative. Justify the choice of method you used for your research (10 marks);
6. Discuss the contribution of your research findings to theory/practice and develop a conclusion (10 marks);
7. Correctly reference your sources (Harvard referencing style) (10 marks);
8. Reflective report (10 marks);
9. Use correct English expression and grammar (10 marks).

Length: 2000 words with a 20% margin of error.

Marks will be deducted for:
Atheoretical responses (see above);
Late assignments;
Incomplete or inaccurate referencing;
Breaching the allowed word limit;
Not complying with submission requirements;
Not complying with requirements for group composition (above);
Failing to comply with all of the submission requirements.

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