community safety 2

Look for outcome and answer the Questions that u will find it in the attachment.

* It must not be over than 2300 word otherwise ill lose marks.

* Also keep in your mind after all questions in the attachment look for statistic: 1- how many fires during the 4 years?
2- What type of fires? 3- Which area (by stations locations)?

* come up with strategy for community safety ” see the attachment”
– the main point for this paper is to come up with a proper community fire strategy to reduce the number of fire in Mercyside.
-The strategy might include installing smoke detector in houses- public education about fire- inspection for properties.
– try to use figures tables to show the data instate of writing sentences

* identify the problem of merseyside .

**** Please, read the word document attachment first to take idea about the outcome and what does the professor expect from us

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