community consultation

Before participating in this Discussion board, please do READ ‘Netiquette’.
In this tutorial you will practiced both conducting literature review and referencing of sources. Brief summary about what is literature review and how to write literature review is provided, which will also help you with your second assignment.
Use the report ‘Community Consultation and Hard to Reach’ as literature/ source for this online tasks. You must follow instructions from your Style Guide for referencing. As students of Education, you are allowed to use APA Style. Please be consistent in using one style.
1. Read the section ‘Representative and participatory models of democracy’ on pp. -15 -16 in the report.
Write a few introductory lines about representative and participatory models of democracy based on your second and third lectures of this unit.
Quote few relevant lines from the section mentioned above ( Representative and participatory models of democracy).
Provide appropriate referencing for the quote.
Remember this is in text citation.
2. Read the section ‘Consultation and Social Capital’ on p. 21.
Write a gist of what is being said on this page without directly quoting any text.
Provide appropriate referencing. Try to make your writing analytical rather than descriptive summary.
Remember this is in text citation.
3. Read the ‘Executive Summary’ and browse the whole report.
In two paragraphs write what this report is about. Again try to provide your analytical view.
Provide appropriate referencing.
Remember this is in text citation.
4. Provide full reference of the report as it should be in the ‘Reference List’.

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