communication with customer

For this essay, you should identify the rules of your organization(Hilton Adelaide) concerning how you are to communicate with customers. Look for any procedural manuals or other written instructions that will give you information about this area.

The following questions may help guide you in your answers;

Were these procedures made clear to you?. Who explained them to you?
Do you think they are reasonable? Why or why not?
Can they be improved? If so, what should be improved? Why?
Are colleagues using these procedures? Why or why not?
How are customers responding to these procedures?
Are customers able to provide feedback to management about staff performance? If yes, how is this done? If not, why not?

These are only some suggestions. You can add other comments if you believe they are relevant to this issue.

Word count is 800 words

A minimum of 2 in-text references are required for a Pass. Additional references, used appropriately, may assist in obtaining a higher grade. A Reference List is required.

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