Communication and Media

Assessment 3

What you have to do –
Collect three samples of texts of mass communication about the same topic or issue, analyse these, and write a short report.


Part A
You will need to source and collect three samples of texts of mass communication about the same topic or issue.
The samples must be taken from three different media, such as the web, news reports, feature articles, pamphlets or journal articles. They may also include your own written summary of a radio or TV feature or documentary, a radio broadcast or a film. Make sure you include details of the source and date.
Topics may include: the war in Iraq, terrorism, a political issue, employee relations, the behaviour of sporting stars on or off the field.
You must:

1 Label each sample with publication details.
2 Analyse the samples, answering the questions below.

Questions to answer

Either make several copies of this page to write your answers on, or present your answers in a table format. Be sure to analyse each sample individually using the following 6 questions so that you can compare the samples in your report.

1 Give details of the source of the sample.
2 Type of medium used for the sample. What is the structure behind this medium? (Think about the ownership and purpose of the medium.)
3 Who are the authors/senders of the message?
4 Who are the targeted receivers/audiences of the message?
5 What is the purpose of the sample? Does it attempt to inform or persuade the audience to take action? Are the views presented in the sample the same as or opposite to those of the other samples you have collected?
6 Does the sample take into account a multicultural audience? Does it allow for different socio-economic groups? Explain your reasons for your answer.

Part B

Write a short report (approximately 2 pages, about 500 words, in length) summarising the analysis and your conclusions about the mass communication methods that were used.
Include in your analysis an answer to the following:
In which of the samples do you think the medium chosen for the communication of the message was the most effective? Discuss your reasons.

Send the following:
Three texts from mass communication, with source and date written on each
Analyses of the texts using your answers to the six questions
The short report

Must be Australian Sources.

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