Collapse of ENRON

Issues in Accounting Theory and Practice

Case Study Assignment

The task:

Read the article on the Collapse of ENRON . In addition, you might need to conduct a web search to find further information.

You are to prepare answers to each of the following questions:

1.Identify three ethical issues in the case of ENRON. Explain each issue in one paragraph (in no more than 200 words)

2.Provide solution to address these ethical issues with reference to the lecture notes and text book materials.

Please read the instructions on page 10 of the Unit Outline and ensure that you comply with them in full. In particular, you must ensure that your assignment is correctly formatted, has your student number at the top right-hand side of each page, and has a cover sheet. Failure to adhere to the instructions in full will incur a penalty of 2 marks*. As the word limit is 1,500 words, excluding the bibliography, you will need to be
succinct whilst still providing a comprehensive answer to each question. Note that in answering the questions you are not expected to research beyond the materials covered in the lectures or set as readings for topics 6 and 7.

The assignment must be word-processed, double spaced, 12 point, on one side only of A4 paper, and properly referenced including a bibliography. You must leave a left-hand margin of 4 cm. Your student number must appear on the top right hand side of each page of the assignment. You must attach to your assignment the individual assessment task cover sheet. Failure to comply with these instructions will result in your assignment not being marked.

Please note Assignment Marking Guide:

The assignment will be marked out of 20 marks based on the following criteria:

1.Demonstration of an in-depth understanding of the topic (10 marks)
2.Effective analysis and interpretation of data (2 marks)
3.Clear and logical development of argument (2 marks)
4.Inclusion of reliable evidence (1 marks)
5.Clear summary of the main points or findings of the research conducted (2 marks)
6.Respect to the word constraint (1 marks)
7.Proper citation (1 marks)
8.Presentation of information, in written form, in an excellent professional, coherent and integrated manner (1 marks)

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