Code of Ethics/Conduct (ABC Company)

The ABC Recruitment Firm provides permanent and temporary recruitment services to its clients in the property sector. It has been in operation since 1999 and has grown from a husband and wife team in Brisbane, Australia, to now having 100 staff with offices in all Australian states. The business has been built on specialist property sector advice to clients, good candidates and placement levels and an excellent reputation.
In the last 3 years, the ABC has struggled with the effects of the economic downturn in the property sector. Recently the organisation has had several complaints from clients regarding customer service quality, recruitment agent short temperedness and breach in client confidentiality, including a decline in successful job placements. On top of that the company is facing increasing staff turnover and conflict between team members and management.
The ABC Recruitment Firm has decided to hire a HR Manager (i.e. you) to assist them with the development, facilitation and implementation of a Code of Ethics/Conduct to assist them with the problems they are facing.
a. Write an elaborative Code of Ethics/Conduct for the ABC Recruitment firm that incorporating the following:
– Ensureitistailoredtothecompanyandindustry – IncludeScope – Includevaluesoftheorganisation – Expectationsregardingethics
– Confidentialityrequirements – ConsequencesforbreachofCode – Referencetolegislation – Authorisations
b. Write a Memorandum to all employees of ABC (i.e. your facilitator) via email from your student email account advising the employees of the new Code of Conduct, the implementation date of the Code and summarise how the company will deal with unethical behaviour in the workplace.
When to submit
Session 20
Standards required for the submission
A Code of Ethics/Conduct of approximately 750 words that contains all the elements described above using appropriate headings/format and appropriate business language that contains sufficient information and detail that is easily understood by the reader.
One email with a Memo as an attachment providing the appropriate information about the Code of Ethics/Conduct and the date of implementation and the implications for employees should they breach of the Code. The memo document is to be written using appropriate business language and contain sufficient information and details that is easily understood by the reader.

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