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Many people think that a movie of a book is just the same as the book. However, this is not always true. Images in films can bring characters and situations to life, but a book can accomplish a similar effect depending on how well the writer or writers present the information and the imaginations of the readers.

for this paper an evaluation in a comparison/contrast style. Evaluation is common form of writing, especially in academics. While you probably use some form of it in your everyday life all of the time, it’s important to remember that formal or academic evaluation requires two essential components: A judgment about the subject beyond like or dislike, good or bad. Well-supported criteria and analysis. I was suppose to summarize with connection to the evaluation.

Dear Writer,

I am submitting my essay to you for some extra help. This essay is suppose to be 4 pages total, and this is my first compare and contrast style essay. I tried starting all of my topic sentences with an transitional word, and I need a metaphor statement somewhere in the essay.I need a so what, in my thesis statement why is this sufficient. What difference does the book, and the movie make. I do have a thesis statement in my paper I am just not sure if it captures that so what? I wrote my essay in subject by subject formed because it was the easiest writing style for me.

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