Choose two organisations within the same sector and evaluate how effective their current sustainability performance

1. Evaluate how effective the current sustainability performance (environmental and ethical/social policies and practices) of your chosen organisation is. Your evaluation must include consideration of two relevant topics from term 2. (80%)

Often companies are engaged in a range of sustainability practices, so it may be appropriate to briefly overview the whole picture but then focus in more detail on two main topics for the evaluation part of the question. In other words, we are looking for depth of analysis not breadth. The chosen topics will normally be relevant topics from term 2 of the unit and you should find your term 2 tutorials and worksheets particularly relevant and useful. You will, in effect, be choosing two sets of worksheet material as the basis for your in-depth analysis of each topic, always bearing in mind the assessment criteria outlined below (for example, on use of academic material).

2.Make recommendations as to what else your organisation could or should do to enhance its sustainability performance and explain how these recommendations would apply in practise to your chosen organisation. You could for example consider the application of the sustainable business models ideas. (20%)

Throughout your report, you must draw on appropriate academic concepts, models and the general academic literature in this subject area. Remember to evaluate the theory/models you have applied as well as evaluating the organisation s response.

Submit one report with a word limit of 2500 words (point 12 font, single line spacing). Specify the word count at the end of the report. NB. Diagrams do not add to the word count and, if relevant to the text, should be in the text rather than in an appendix.
If your chosen organisation is not explicit about certain aspects of its environmental or ethical policies, then you should attempt to find out what they are (for example, by contacting them directly) and/or deduce what you believe the organisation s stance to be. Do not contact them before you have done your homework!

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