children”s literature: image&text

The work must be your own individual responses to the questions.
Please use Harvard referencing style.

Please, answer each question with its own article, also each answer should be 150 words length.

Article 3 : Pantaleo, S & Sipes, L 2008, “Introduction: postmodernism and picturebooks”, in Postmodern picturebooks play: parody, and self-referentiality, Routledge, New York, pp. iv, 1-5.
.Question 3: What is meant by postmodernism and metafiction ? What are some of the characteristics of a postmodern picture book?

Article 4: Nikolajeva, M & Scott, C 2001, “Introduction”, in How picturebooks work, Garland, New York, pp. 1-28.
Question 4: Nikolajeva and Scott (2001) are attempt to produce a typology of all the possible relationships between image and text. What are the different types of relationship they discuss? Explain two.

Article 5 : Nodelman, P & Reimer, M 2003, “Strategies for reading a literary text”, in The pleasures of children”s literature, 3rd edn, Allyn and Bacon, Boston, MA, pp. 57-78.
Question 5: How is story and plot usually distinguished? Story and discourse ?

Article 6 : Painter, C 2007, “Children s picture book narratives: reading sequences of images”, in A McCabe, M O”Donnell & R Whittaker (eds), Advances in Language and Education, Continuum, London, pp. 40-59.
Kress, GR & Van Leeuwen, T 2006, “Narrative representations: designing social action”, in Reading images: the grammar of visual design, 2nd edn, Routledge, New York, pp. 45-78.
Question 6: Using the Kress and van Leeuwen reading, name the first four types of narrative processes mentioned and the names of the key participants in each process.

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