CHCIC510A Establish and implement plants for developing cooperative

You are in team leader of the toddler room( 18-38mths). There are 15 children in attendance most days. You have 2 permanent staff but one is away on annual leave so there has been a succession of relief staff.

You have just gained a new child, Corey 2.5 yrs, whom mum admits is a biter. On his day he bites 3 children, second day 4 children are bitten. Day three starts the same pattern of bitting with 2 children bitten before tea. He was observed running across the room to bite a child who was playing by herself with the blocks.

Parents are becoming concerned with a nun suggesting that the biter should leave.

Detail how you would deal with this issue
Some background information
Corey is physically big for his age. His language skills are not well developed. He is an only child of a single mum. Mum admits to enjoying a good night out’ and often leaves corey with her mum or friends- sometimes for days at a time.

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