Chapter 4( finding and analyses) and cahpter 5( discussion and conclusion)

I collected the data and I want to analysis this data
I want good writer who has experiences in education and will know how to analyses qualitative and quantitative data. Also, he has experiences in using SPSS program.
In this order I want from the writer read all documents that are attached and the link for survey report. Then write summery and outlines for Chapter 4( finding and analyses) and chapter 5( discussion and conclusion).
this order will be followed by 2 orders that will be the chapter 4 and chapter 5.there is the final order that will be modifying, correct and proof reading for hole thesis.
1. First order : two pages and it is out line and summery for the last two chapters in this thesis (Chap 4 and 5).
2. Second order :write chapter 4 (finding and analyses)around 3500 words.
3. Third order: write chapter 5( discussion and conclusion) around 3500 words.
4. The last order: modifying the hole chapters and proof reading

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