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Assignment Tasks
You have already been asked to complete a range of seminar-based research and reflections. This particular takes the format of a assessment portfolio, composing of three main parts:

PART 1: A research report with a word limit of 2,000 on British Airway’s (BA) change program that resulted in long-running industrial disputes between its management and crew members in 2009-201.

More specifically, you need to provide accounts in this report on the following:

• The contextual information about the organisation and the strategic change itself as outlined by its management
• Evaluation on the nature and extent of such strategic changes
• The change management strategy itself
• The challenges and management difficulties in implementing such change strategy

PART 2: An academic report of a 2000 word limit to evaluate the implementation/resistance of such change management from one of the three stakeholders’ point of view: BA management team, BA cabin crew and the British public

This report needs to clearly identify a range of appropriate texts on:

• The core issues about strategic changes and change management strategy in BA, this should be outlined against appropriate theoretical frameworks or conceptual discussion.
• Specific concerns and problems that you anticipated from a particular stakeholder’s point of view; this is to show your awareness of practical issues as implicated in change management in business companies
• Managerial challenges as experienced or encountered in this problem situation; linkage between theoretical explanation and practical experience shall be clarified
• Advised approaches for overcoming resistance to change, dealing with your own (stakeholders) and other’s anxieties, and effectively winning support for a management of change strategy and programme of implementation for development.

Part 3: Seminar-based portfolio evidences

As integral parts of this module learning, five documents need to be produced throughout the semester to help you learn and prepare for this assessment. They are to be attached as appendixes in this part:

Please note that there is in general no maximum word limit applies to your personal and research notes, yet it is expected that each evidence shall be of at least 1 A4 page, type processed.

1. Report on behaviour and emotional reactions to personal changes this is required on week 4
2. On-line research findings about changes management in historical terms in BA this is required on week 9
3. Personal comments on management factors implicated in changes this is required on week 10
4. A summary report on the plausibility of changes in BA this is required on week 11.
5. A summary report of your group research findings this is the document completed by the whole group on week 12 for your presentation session.

All the above five portfolio evidences need to be completed before on the week specified, as they need to be acknowledged by your seminar tutor with his signature in the respective seminar weeks. Learning evidences could not be backdated and have to be completed for submission as required.
Incomplete portfolio evidences will seriously compromise your overall mark for this module, although they do not carry individual weight .

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