(Cause and Effect Concept Map )concept map and report on the topic Diabetes Mellitus Type II.

Cause and Effect Concept Map
You are required to develop a concept map and report on the topic Diabetes Mellitus Type II.

Length: Report”750 words
Concept Map”one (1) A4 page
– The concept map must be computer generated.
– When researching the topic, use the template, as described in Lecture 1, to assist you in organising your information. The template will also assist in identifying key concepts and their relationship/s.
– Concept Map: is to be illustrated on one A4 page. Use APA convention to reference citations in the concept map and include these in the reference list.
– Concept map development clearly, yet concisely summarises the most important information identified into what is known as key concepts . It also conveys the relationships or links between these key concepts. Critical thinking and creativity are essential components of this assessment. Concept map design needs to be visually stimulating.

Concept Map Report:
– You are to answer two (2) questions related to the topic.
– You are expected to paraphrase the literature and reference all work from others in accordance with academic standards.
– The marking criteria are at the end of this document.
– Use of too many direct quotes is unacceptable.

Concept Map Report questions
1- Identify and briefly explain the structural and functional changes that occur in the pancreas when Diabetes Mellitus Type II develops. (500 words)
2- Identify two factors that are associated with an increased risk of developing Diabetes Mellitus Type II. Briefly explain why these factors lead to an increased risk for the development of Diabetes Mellitus Type II. (250 words)

You will need at least six (6) relevant, recent (after 2005) nursing journal references AS WELL AS textbook material and seminal sources where relevant.

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