Catalogue and Classification

Scenario: The Head Librarian of a newly created Centre of Health Science has asked you to evaluate the Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme and the Universal Decimal Classification Scheme with the view to make a recomendation as to which of these schemes should be adopted to classify the collection. She has made it clear that she is unwilling to consider any alternatives.

The task is twofold: 1) practical classification work and 2) evaluation report based on it.

Practical work
Classify the following subjects in the field of Health Science using the UDC only. Provide a subjects analysis and a reasoned breakdown of number building as well as a rationale for supporting your choice of notation. Ensure that your classmark is as specific as the scheme will allow.

1. World atlas on tuberculosis

2. A guide to sanitation of pig farms

3. Teaching medical ethics to students of medical colleges in South Australia

4. A comparison of elderly care between Germany and Sweden

5. Treatment of diabetes in pregnancy

6. Research on the health effects on infants exposed to tobacco smoking.

7. les origines de l’homeopathie en France.

8. Risk analysis of phamaceuticals in drinking water of London.

9.Marie Curie: the pioneer of radioactivity

10. The application of Artificial intelligence to the care of premature infants.

2 Evaluation Report.
Using your knowledge of bibliographic classification principles, and drawing from your experience in classifying the subjects listed above, you are required to write a short report (2,000words) which gives a balanced evaluation of the relative merits of both schemes leading to recommendations which will serve best the requirements of the new library. Your report should address both theoretical and practical condiderations.

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