case study

Word Length: 2500 ( +/- 10%)(not including Executive Summary or Reference List)

Weighting: Case Study Short Report 30%

The case study (Aquarius Advertising Agency) can be found on page 132 of your text(Textbook:Organization Theory and Design, Author/s:Daft,Richard L, Year:2010,
Edition:10th Edition,
Publisher:Cengage Learning Australia Pty Ltd,
Country:Australia), Daft 2010. Assignment 1 requires a Case Study Analysis. The assessment is in Short Report Format.

If you are having difficulty with any aspect of the assignment, including uploading of the assignment, please contact your Lecturer as soon as possible.

All students are encouraged to use the Turnitin Feature to view their Turnitin Score before submitting.

Students are encouraged to use the forum to form a study group to discuss the case.

However it isimperativethat each student submits their own individual report. Shared file resources can lead to a loss of marks due to the similarity of your report”s content with another.


The CEO has called upon you, a Senior HR Manager from CQ University s People and Culture to provide a solution to this dilemma. After investigating the issues, you determine that the problem lies with the structure of the organisation.

You are to analyse the case and write a short report recommending solutions to the CEO. To do this you must:

Analyse the key problems within the case from an organisational design perspective.
Define the current structure and develop key arguments as to why the existing organisational structure does not work.
Develop a solution based on a new organisational structure and develop key arguments to support this change.

You are expected to support your arguments by reading widely and applying theory and/or models from the literature.

Please note: A minimum of five (5) scholarly references are required for this assignment.

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