(CASE STUDY :PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS OF MERGER DECISION) between Telsim in Turkey and vodafone in 2007

Abstract about your project subject.( approximately 100 words)
The First page of project report should be a brief summary of Subject CORPORATE FINANCE.
1.Brief Summary of your SELECTED MERGED COMPANY. [one/two pages]:
2.Detail analysis of pre-merger and post-merger activities.
3.Provide financial details for pre-merger 4 years and post-merger of 4 years. (vodafone)
4.Show the RATIOS calculations for both time periods. (pre and post merger). (vodafone)
Show Application of Ratios; First write formula, the figure, show your result and interpret the results.(Average for pre 4 years and post 4 years)
5.Consider the EACH TYPE OF CAPITAL of the company and find out COST of each one. Calculate WACC for the Company. The calculations should follow for pre and post-merger time. For the above information you need to access stock market historical and latest data. The dividend information you will get from companies Financial Report.
6. Note the changes in CAPITAL STRUCURE for given time period (pre and post ).
7. Prove with evidence that merger is successful or failure decision. Calculate ROE and EPS for each TREND.
8. Comment WHY it was a successful/failure merger.(Shareholders wealth creation point of view)
Write reference for all relevant sources.
You can provide graphical presentation for trend analysis.
Insert page number at the bottom of each page.
Use Times New Roman, font size 12. With 1.5 space.

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