case study

The referencing of this paper not in harvard style. it must comply with Australian Guide to Legal Citation 2nd ed,

Assignment 1 “ Case Study

Can the Australian High Court s conclusion in Dow Jones & Company Inc v Gutnick (2002) 210 CLR 575 be reconciled with decisions in other international jurisdictions?

General information
the maximum word length is 2500 words (excluding footnote references
And the bibliography). This is a strict maximum, and a 10% upper variance
does not apply. Any words over 2500 will not be assessed.

The paper is to be presented in a minimum of 11 point font with 1.5 line spacing.
The paper is to include a bibliography (not included in word length).
The citation and referencing must comply with the (Australian Guide to Legal
Citation 2nd ed).
If the source is not directly covered in the AGLC, you should use your best
estimate as to how to reference it, by having regard to the referencing style
used by the AGLC and similar sources.
Students should ensure that they properly attribute and reference all source

You must include a word count (excluding the footnotes and bibliography)
at the beginning of the paper.

Learning Outcomes

1. The general objective is to assist students to continue developing legal
research and writing skills by undertaking a structured research task while
focussing on a particular topic within this unit.

2. Students will be assessed against the following criteria:

a. Your ability to clearly identify and articulate the essence of the topic;
b. Your ability to structure the paper in a logical way;
c. Your ability to find and use appropriate primary and secondary legal
resources, including international resources;
d. Your ability to engage in sound legal analysis;
e. Your ability to communicate your legal analysis in writing;
f. Your ability to use various legal writing styles beyond the merely
descriptive (i.e. analytical, conceptual and comparative writing)
g. Your ability to correctly cite and reference the materials using the
Australian Guide to Legal Citation 2nd ed.

TOPICS of this unit:

1. Introduction “ the development of the internet and the breadth of internet law
2. Jurisdiction
3. Content regulation
4. Electronic commerce
5. Intellectual Property Law and the Internet
6. Privacy

Book Reference: Fitzgerald, Fitzgerald, Clark, Middleton and Lim 2011 Internet & E-commerce Law, Business and Policy Lawbook Co,

please make it simple and clear as English for Second Language, and use UK style not American Words.

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