Candide, Chapters 6 through 11

Name______________________________________1. Why is Professor Pangloss hanged? What was his crime?2. What is a san benito? What was the significance of Candide?s sanbenito, and that of Professor Pangloss? You may need to check outthe wikepedia noted below?chronicler/historian What were the origins of the Spanish Inquisition? Who was typicallypersecuted and even burned at the stake? Feel free to read through thewikepedia noted below. What misfortunes has Candide suffered so far during his life?5. How does Cunegonde look when she and Candide are reunited?6. How does the Old Woman revive them?7. According to Cunegonde, what was the source of her misfortunes?What misfortunes has she experienced?8. What was the first thing Cunegonde noticed about Candide when hewas stripped to the waist and made to march in the penitentialprocession?9. What is Cunegonde?s principal concern right after Candide has killedtwo of the most influential men of Lisbon?10. What kind of a burial did Don Issachar receive? Why?11. Who robbed Candide and company at the inn? Why is this ironic?You may want to check out the wikepedia below for an explanation? What world seems to offer hope to be the best of all possible worlds?Why?13. What misfortunes has the old woman suffered? Who was her father?14. To whom does she compare her youthful beauty?15. Who is depicted in the Venus de Medici? What does it mean to bein the Praxitelean tradition? How does the Old Woman describe her love for the prince?17. What happened on the way to Gaeta?18. What was going on in Morocco when they arrived there?19. What do Europeans have coursing through their veins, according toThe Old Woman?20. Were daily prayers still practiced during this on-going carnage? CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THIS PAPER? PRICE?..

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