Candide, Chapters 22 to 30

Name__________________________________________1. What happened to Candide in Paris?2. Why don?t they stop in England? What reason do theEnglish give for the strange event Candide and Martinwitnessed?3. Who is Paquette? What has her life been like since theChateau of Thunder-ten-Tronck was burned to theground?4. When Candide observes the happy singinggondoliers of Venice, how does Martin respond?5. What do they learn from their visit to Lord Pocurante?spalace?6. Who are the two, clumsy, chain gang convicts?7. How was it discovered that Pangloss was not deadafter all?8. How was the reunion with Cunegonde?9. What does the Old Woman suggest? 10. How does the dervish explain the existence of goodand evil?11. What is their final conclusion to have somemeaning in life and a reason to get out of bed inthe morning?12. From what three great evils does work spare us,according to the Turk?13. What does it personally mean to you to cultivate yourgarden? CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THIS PAPER? PRICE?..

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