Can the travel agent withstand the Internet Revolution?

Actually I am worried about my final project in the uni. And I am looking for a private tutor to help me in this research. Because I need to achieve over 85% in this assignment to get merit in overall. However I have wrote about 2000 words. Still 3000 Residual. Could I ask you to write the other 3000 words. The research must be on Secondary data and some secondary analysis of previously published research data may be undertaken (if appropriate). Additional material can be drawn from the Internet and from newspapers, but it is envisaged that this will be mainly for illustrative purposes and not be the core of the material sourced.I will Attach the purposes of this reseach and what I have wrtien I want you to add the 3000 words ane reorgnise the texet. tray to use some theory. & I will send you the unit handbook to tead throuth and I will send you what I have Done the (2000) words

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