Campaign Proposal Development

This task is designed, primarily, to develop students’ problem solving skills. In addition, this task is expected to develop students’ professional writing skills, critical thinking, and analysis and evaluation skills. The students are required to develop a written proposal of 1500 words, excluding executive summary, table, figure/illustration, references/citations and appendices.
The proposal will focus on advertisement and public relation campaigns of a current issue either for a government, business or a non-profit organisation.
The students will be familiarised about the development of such proposals through tutorial activities. The case studies, in this regard, will play a vital role.
• Executive summary
• Table of contents
• Introduction/background
• Campaign objectives
• Environment analyses (SWOT/PEST analyses) • Target audience
• Media description
• Advertisement and/or public relation design
• Campaign plan
• Proposed measures of effectiveness
• Conclusion
• Citations and references
• Organisation, spelling, grammar & punctuation

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