buyer behaviour related to motivation

Note : chosen topic is buyer behavior and motivation

The assignments are designed to assess outcome one and part of outcome two.
1 Identify and understand concepts which facilitate understanding of buyer behaviour in practical situations.
2 Think critically about the believability, reasonableness and practical utility of established models and theories of buyer behaviour, especially in the light of neuroscience

Assignment two consists of an individual essay of 2000-2500 words length
You are required to answer the question:
Explain briefly what is meant by————
Show its relevance to an understanding of buyer behaviour using at least two examples of where marketers are (or appear to be) employing it.
Assessment criteria for essay
Coherence and logic of argument 30%
Use of relevant examples 30%
Appropriate use of theory drawn
from class material and reading 40%
The assignment must be properly referenced in the Harvard style.

The second assignment is to be placed in Alan Draper s assignment box Gr277 within three weeks of the presentation

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