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Business Intelligence Systems 7156

Assignment 1: Project Proposal
Due Week 5, Wednesday 7th March 6pm
Value 15%, 1000 Words

The purpose of this assignment is for each student individually to develop a proposal
for a computer-based DSS/BI prototype to be built as a group project for assignment 2 using software of choice.

Project Proposal
This task will require you to identify a discipline / industry / organisation (referred to as the research field) and to investigate an aspect of their decision-making needs as well as the opportunities for computer-based decision support systems development. Generic examples of research fields you may wish to consider could be the health sciences and patient monitoring, or the agricultural sector and the need to predict certain farming operations, or the university as it supports the decisions of international students, or a company as it budgets finances. The texts by Turban et al (2011) and Web sites dssresources.com, http://businessintelligence.ittoolbox.com/ and http://www.information-management.com/rg/resources and many others provide examples of software tools and research fields where computer-based decision support are developed. Wikipedia and Google Scholar are also good starting points. If you are unable to make a selection, the teaching staff can assist.

This assignment is broadly aligned with the intelligence and design phases of Simon’s (1977) decision-making model. The outcome of this assignment will be a business report containing your proposal.

Criteria for Proposal Report: max 1000 words

(1) Executive Summary: Brief overview of the proposal, the purpose of the project, and recommended course of action. (100 words)

(2) Introduction: Outline of project proposal.
Section 1 Identification: A description of the discipline / industry / organisation and existing information systems (manual and computer-based). (100 words)

(3) Analysis and Design: A statement of the problem; level of managerial control; decision structure (structured, semi-structured or unstructured problem); DSS/BI architecture (users of the existing and proposed system, models, data); and software options proposed for the DSS/BI prototype solution (not too technical). (300 words)

(4) Feasibility: Evaluate and justify the benefits and limitations of a DSS/BI using SWOT or an alternative evaluation technique. This exercise will help you identify the solution and its potential for adoption. (200 words)

(5) Conclusion: Concluding remarks including a plan for the development of the DSS prototype at a later date. (100 words)

Total (1000 words)

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